Osiny Long-term Field Experiment

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To compare organic and conventional farming systems
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Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation
research organisation
Osiny Experimental Farm
experimental research station
Fertility Building in Organic Cropping Systems
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Site: Osiny experiment site

research farm
Geographic location
51.473379, 22.048372
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To control pH the experiment areas are limed once per rotation.
Soil type
Soil description
Soil is a haplic luvisol
Soil properties
VariableDepthValue (range)UnitsRef yearEstimated?Baseline?
soil pH 6.5 water1994
soil pH (6.5 – 6.9) water2012
total soil nitrogen 0.1 Percent1994
total soil nitrogen (0.108 – 0.11) Percent2012
soil organic matter 16 gram per kilogram1994
soil organic matter (15.86 – 16.03) gram per kilogram2012

Design period: (1994—)

Design description
The experiment has 8 fields each approximately 1 ha in area. 5 fields are managed organically following a 5 year rotation which includes a 2 year clover grass ley. 3 fields are managed following an intensive conventional 3 year rotation
CropYears grown
grass clover leys
winter wheat
spring wheat
winter rapeseed
Crop Rotations
  • 1
  • 2
    spring wheat
  • 3
    grass clover leys
    under sown in spring wheat
  • 4
    grass clover leys
  • 5
    winter wheat
  • 1
    winter rapeseed
  • 2
    winter wheat
  • 3
    spring wheat
Factor name
Factor levels
farming system
organic agriculture
No N mineral fertilizers were used but 42 kg K ha-1 of and 20 kg P ha-1 of permitted organic fertilizers applied annually. 30 Mg ha-1 of compost ploughed in before potato planting. Bio-pesticides(Bacillus thuringiensis) were used to control potato beetle. Biopesticides and hoeing/tillage used to control pests and weeds respectively
conventional agriculture
Mineral NPK fertilizers applied annually. Synthetic pesticides used to control pests and weeds. Crop residues ploughed in every second year

Related publications

  • Stefan Martyniuk, Monika Koziel, Jaroslaw Stalenga & Krzysztof Jonczyk (2016) Labile factions of soil organic matter and microbial characteristics of soil under organic and conventional crop management systems, Biological Agriculture & Horticulture, 32:1, 1-6